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    Best shopping deals of each season

    You can find special bargains, coupons, sales and deals in each season Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.



    Computers During the Christmas season you can get many great computer bargains. The deals often include free shipping, special discounts, daily or weekly offers, and free bundled accessories, says Janice Chen, an editor with CNET Reviews. You can up to 50% off. Some stores also offer free printers, wireless routers or antivirus software packages for your computer purchase. Older models may also be discounted to make way for the newer versions in the New Year.



    The colder season presents more discounts when it comes to weddings as most people chose to have their weddings and receptions in Spring Summer and Fall. You will save a bundle with a winter wedding, according to Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Bridal Bargains.


    Furniture New furniture tend to be in showrooms in February, according to the American Home Furnishing Alliance. You can save 10 - 50 % off as retailers make room for the new inventory. Summer is also another good time to buy.

    Linens There are quite a few department stores "white sales" in January. It's not uncommon to find discounts of 10 percent to 60 percent on sheets, blankets, towels and more.

    Gift wrap Post-holiday sales make a great time to stock up on gift wrap, ribbon, tissue paper, Christmas bags and tags as you can often find parcel packaging discounted by up to 75%. It makes sense to save for next year and it's great not to have to do last minute shopping before Christmas and New Year.

    Carpet and floor coverings Not many people buy carpet in January, so it's a great  time to get a discount, says Alan Fletcher, author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide. Make your purchase by February 15th, though since people start receiving their tax refunds and businesses start to drive up their prices again.


    TVs New TV models arrive in the spring, making January and February the best time to save a few hundred dollars on the outgoing model year, according to Consumer Reports. (It's worth watching for Black Friday deals and holiday sales in December, too.)

    Digital cameras With the Consumer Electronics Show and Photo Marketing Association convention at this time of year, new camera models start arriving at retailers. That means great discounts on last year's perfectly good merchandise.


    March: Coats and outerwear

    As retailers clear out their winter stock, March is a great time to buy coats, jackets, hats, gloves and sweaters.

    Frozen food

    It's national frozen-food month which means coupons and discounts. Stock up your freezer and save as most food can be stored several months or more.


    Used cars

    This is the best month to shop for cheaper cars as car dealers stock up to kick off the spring selling season. Buyers have a full selection of inventory to choose from and sellers are willing to negotiate on getting you the best deal.


    Kitchenware and utensils

    Kitchen items make a great gift for newly wedded couples and grads so you will find more bargains during April and May.



    As retailers make room for new models, mattress shoppers will find a lot of wiggle room on price, says Luke Knowles, founder of You may be able to get mattresses discounted by up to 50% as well as promotions for free delivery or free disposal of your old mattress.

    March, April, May:


    Spring is traditionally when you can get get more travel discounts till Memorial Day weekend, when summer pricing goes into effect.



    Gym memberships Health clubs get new sign-ups start of the year, but business tends to drop in the spring and summer before picking up again in the fall. Shop around for discounts and promotions during this period.


    Drinks and condiments:

    Early July is when you will get discounts and sales on drinks, sauces, mustards due to July 4th celebrations.


    New furniture hits showrooms in August, according to the American Home Furnishing Alliance. That means you can save 10% - 50% in July as retailers make room for the new inventory.

    Broadway tickets

    The official Broadway season begins in the fall season, so summer is a good time to check out the shows that are finishing off. In New York City, the first ten days of July are particularly slow and prone to discounts, according to Applause Theatre & Entertainment Service. Watch out for tickets slashed up to 50% as theatres prefer full seating by using discounts than a partially empty theater.


    Outdoor toys

    With summer nearly over, swimming gear, swing sets, beach toys etc are often put on sale as retailers make room in their store for fall and winter items. You can get 30%- 75% off.

    Patio furniture

    As summer draws to a close, patio furniture not sold will be discounted up to 50% off so this is a good time to buy.

    School and office supplies

    Back to school sales always mean super discounts and bargains on notebooks, pads, paper, pens, pencils, staplers, folders and a whole lot more in the stationery section.


    As winter approaches, retailers cut prices on swimming costumes and swimming items in general in preparation for winter gear.

    June, July, August:

    Most produce will be in season during the summer months so it is the best time to consume more or freeze, can or dry certain fruit and save money at the same time.



    New Cars

    You can get some top deals on models that are being replaced by new models and it is best to negotiate with the salesperson to get an even lower price.


    Airplane tickets tend to be cheaper during September. Wednesday is usually the cheapest day to fly, according to Rick Seaney, chief executive of (apart from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year.) Try to avoid travelling Sunday as it is generally the most expensive day to fly.

    September / October:

    Large Appliances

    There will be many discounts on washers, dryers and refrigerators as newer models come out and the older ones need to be sold to make room. The ones that will be be marked down the most include the ones with a few minor dings and scratches.


    Have a look for sales for plants that normally grow in the warmer months as many of them will be on sale now to cut down on the number of plants that need to be grown in greenhouses.



    The grills that were available during the summer months may be discounted quite a good deal as most people tend not to buy them during the winter months.



    At the end of Halloween make sure you stack up on candy to save from 50 - 75% off but get in quick as most will be gone by late afternoon the next day.


    Baking ingredients

    You can get top bargains on baking goods such as flour, sugar, butter, chocolate, pie fillings, nut and so forth in preparation for Thanksgiving and Chirstmas.

    September, October, November

    Vacation and travel

    This is another good season to travel as you will often find airfares, hotel accomodation, resorts, cruises discounted before winter travel

    Overall you can find bargains and deals and discounts all year round if you know where to look and what to look for.

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